Bodmin Moor Commons Council 2020 Elections

Nominations of the 2020 election are requested

Registered BMCC members are encouraged to get involved with the BMCC. Siting on the BMCC
involves attending up to 4 meetings a year relating to the governance of the Moor, the completion
of the BMCC functions to manage agricultural activities, vegetation, rights of common and
establishing and maintaining boundaries. The aim of the Council is to provide a management
structure which is representative of all those who have a direct interest in the Common. For further
details of the BMCC work please see the BMCC website.

Eligible Commoners

  • Only Commoners Registered on the BMCC Commoners Active and Non Grazing Registers are
    eligible to stand for election and to vote.
  • Each of the 8 Section Active Grazier positions are due for election and the 4 Non Grazier
    representatives. See the BMCC Section Areas and Representatives page link
  • Commoners are only eligible to vote for Council Representatives on the Commons for which
    they hold rights and are an active or non-grazier as applicable.
  • Section representatives can only represent one section on the Council.
  • Details of the CL number and Common names associated to each section are set out on the
    reverse of the 2020 Council Election Form.

Deadline for submission of nomination forms is noon 21st February 2020 see link for nomination

To be submitted to Mrs Julie Dowton (BMCC Returning Officer) Trevillians Gate, St Clether,
Launceston, PL15 8PU or by email to

Nominations will be announced by 24th February on the web site or by email if requested to the
Secretary – see contact page. For further information please send your email address through to the
Secretary via the BMCC website contact page.

If a vote is to take place the venue will be announced on 24th February 2020 with the nominations on
the web site.

The Ballot will be held on the evening of Friday 28th February 2020

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